Gifts for Your Hostess at Thanksgiving

Gifts for Your Hostess at Thanksgiving
October 3, 2018 Inspire Floral Boutique
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You may be surprised to learn that there is actually an official tradition of gifting your hostess. It finds its beginnings from the long-held notion that when you’ve been invited to someone’s home, you immediately reciprocate the offer with an invitation of your own. This tradition has evolved from the gesture of returning a favour into a thoughtful token of appreciation, bringing a gift to primarily our hostess, but also our hosts – a wonderful practice that continues with many of us today.

For the most part, just about everyone has embraced the tradition and learns early into adulthood, never to show up emptyhanded. Particularly when it comes to such a celebration as Thanksgiving. The pleasant practice is pretty easy. Finding just the right gift, however, is another story.

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A bottle of wine is always nice, of course,  but it’s a bit of an old stand-by. Perhaps it’s a good time to consider any number of more creative ideas out there, including  – rather than the old reliable bottle of wine  – interesting and useful accessories for the wine-lover in your life.

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In addition to accessories for the wine aficionado, think about what interests your Thanksgiving host or hostess. Perhaps they enjoy time spent in the kitchen and have a culinary flair. Maybe they love nothing more than getting cosy and curling up with a good book. Relaxation is always great to encourage, giving a basket of items to help them take a step back and fill their cup. Prepared foods such as homemade pickles, dessert or cookies are always appreciated, as are prepared recipes presented beautifully in a jar with a handmade card containing the recipe and instructions.

We certainly have many beautiful and creative options for just about everyone. Here are some ideas to help inspire your gift-giving for this coming Thanksgiving – only days away!

  • HUGE selection of long-lasting houseplants. We also have beautiful pots of all sizes!
  • WoodWick Candles
  • A selection of delicious teas with accessories
  • Wine accessories
  • Wall art
  • Fairy garden supplies and figurines (perfect for the young host or hostess!)
  • Ashleigh and Burwood Air Purifier Fragrance Lamps
  • Diffusers and high-quality essential oils – so many scents!
  • Unique and fun Kameleon Jewelry
  • Blankets and decorative pillows
  • A big selection of funky and cool art and greeting cards
  • A wide variety of Mylar and traditional Latex Balloons
  • Flowers – flowers are always a great gift!
  • So much more! Come in and see!

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