Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: More of Our Beloved Part-Time Team!

Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: More of Our Beloved Part-Time Team!
August 17, 2018 Inspire Floral Boutique
Inspire Floral Boutique part-time staff

Between flowers, gifts, and new this summer, our Inspire Fudge Factory, this is one busy little shop! As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post, none of it would be possible were it not for the incredible team we are so fortunate to rely on to help make it all happen.

Our success is due in no small part to our team of incredibly dedicated and hard-working part-timers!

We know how fortunate we are to have such a dedicated and hard-working team! And while the full-time team is the backbone of our business, our terrific part-timers can each claim a vital  vertebrae. With summer now officially on the wane, before the busy season is over and they set off on their individual off-season adventures, we want to make sure that each of our part-time staff gets the well-deserved recognition that’s coming to them for the integral roles each of them they play, in addition to their solid reliability year after year, in the success and growth of this business.

Sales Associates, Geri Broda and Judi Ellison, our part-time casual employees bring their knowledgable service delivered with a consistently positive attitude and a smile. These lovely women fill in the gaps year-round, making themselves available to pop in when we’re in a pinch.

Inspire Floral Boutique part-time staff team profile

Geri Broda

Geri, who has been with us for the past year, is so very kind and quick to smile.  Always encouraging and positive, we love having her as a permanent casual Sales Associate all year long. She’s happy to step in when we need the extra hand and Radium Market on Main-goers may be familiar with Geri as she’s been known to help out on occasion with our new fudge booth.

Geri first discovered us as a visitor to BeGifted four years ago. She happily transitioned her gift buying along with us in the move to Inspire and was a loyal customer before joining the staff. Very organized with a love of customer service, Geri comes to us with an extensive career as a school Office Coordinator, meeting, greeting, and welcoming the public for 30 years.

She enjoys all aspects of retail customer service, particularly answering any questions our customers have. A home decorating enthusiast, Geri is a big fan of Inspire’s line of home decor and enthusiastically provides assistance to customers looking for just that special item for their home or cottage. It didn’t take her long to become a fan of the Inspire Fudge as well!

Geri describes our little store as “warm, welcoming, and growing!” (we humbly, and proudly, agree!), and she loves being here. Like us, she’s inspired by the talent, hard work, and enthusiasm of her fellow staff-mates. In her spare time, Geri is an avid golfer who loves to spend time with her grandchildren. Her winter is spent curling and taking some time in the colder months, escaping to the sun.


Tracy Connery Photography Inspire Floral part-time staff profiles

Judi Ellison

Our hummingbird, full of bright, cheerful energy there is never a dull – or still! – moment when Judi is around!  Constantly busy, she’s either looking after customers, polishing the  jewellery display to keep it sparkling or having a quick giggle with the gals in floral as she sweeps up the floral debris from around their feet.  Easy, breezy and cheerful always, we love her quick smile and full laugh.

Bringing her exceptional sales and customer service skills to the team, Judi has been with us for the third summer. Her background is diverse, ranging from a sales position in the jewelry industry to her own childcare business to nursing to managing multiple rental properties, Judi has done it all! Judi jumped at the opportunity to work for Inspire, impressed with the bright, pretty, friendly, and feminine sensibility of the shop.

Of her responsibilities in the store, she loves working on floor and jewelry displays. Judi is particularly fond of the jewelry lines carried at Inspire and she loves how easily, between the product quality and her sales skills, they sell readily – often in one visit! Her favourite moments at the store involve interacting with her fellow staff as well as customers and she characterizes the experience at Inspire as “inspiring, pretty, and fragrant.”

Active and spending a great deal of time outdoors, Judi appreciates the flexibility of time she has working with us. She is available when we need her and enjoys her time away from work hiking, running, cycling, and being out on the lake on her SUP and involved in fitness class. An avid reader and member of a local book club, she also volunteers at the Invermere Library. She also loves time in the garden as well as cooking.

Once again, a big, hearty THANK YOU to our delightful part-time staff! We are so fortunate to have you!


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