What Your Favourite Flower Says About You!

What Your Favourite Flower Says About You!
July 25, 2018 Inspire Floral Boutique
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I think it’s fair to say that we all have our own favourite flower. As you consider the delicate bloom that holds a special place in your heart, have you ever looked a little more deeply into why it holds such favour?  Or, deeper still, what might that fave flower actually reveal about you?

Let’s have a little fun and see… taken with a smidge of a grain of salt, of course!

What Your Favourite Flower Reveals About Your Personality

Rose: Romantic & emotional, of course! No surprise, the rose is all about passion, emotions, and romance. It’s representative of deep and caring relationships, but it’s also typically the feminine flower of choice. Whether red, pink, white, or any other colour, if the rose is your flower, chances are you’re a passionate and emotional individual, perhaps even a little fiery with a penchant for self-preservation – roses have thorns for a reason, after all! You’re also inclined to see the best in people and do what you can to bring it out in them. A bit of a perfectionist, you have an eye for quality and have great taste.

Daisies: Cheerful, glass half-full. Daisies are the simple, classic, and pretty flower of the optimist. You also have a lust for life as well as a cheerful and vibrant personality. With you innate gift of bringing a smile to the faces of those around you, social situations are your jam and give you the opportunity to shine.

Sunflower:  Optimistic. Bright and sunny typically defines the lover of the sunflower as well as the flower itself. If you are a sunflower lover, chances are you carry yourself with a radiant, warm, and positive disposition. It takes a lot to bring you down, and, if offered the opportunity, can scale great heights in almost everything you set your mind to – the tallest sunflower grew over 30 feet tall, after all! Energetic and open and cheerfully optimistic, sunflower lovers make friends easily and are a joy to be around.

Carnation: Solid, reliable. You may be a tad averse to change, but you’re a great friend, a solid and reliable employee, the person people turn to in a bind. If you need a shoulder to lean on, look for your nearest carnation lover! People favouring carnations offer great advice and thrive when serving others, without asking anything in return.

Baby’s Breath: Innocent. A tad naive and delicate, just like the flower you love, you have a penchant for stories of true love and romance as well as fairy stories and building fairy gardens. You’re a sucker for a knight in shining armour! You’re cheerful and light, and a little vulnerable to being taken in by a good yarn. Your openness is your strength and you’re slow to judge, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, making for a great and trusting – as well as trustworthy! – friend.

Hydrangea: Team player.  Versatile and strong, hydrangea lovers, like their floral counterparts, offer great support to friends, family, and colleagues. Hydrangeas provide versatility and strength, supporting any arrangement, particularly lighter, more delicate flowers. While bold, yourself, you don’t mind sharing the spotlight, in fact, you encourage it!

Peonies: Living in the now! Sweet, voluptuous, luxurious layers provide for a variety of positive traits that include loyalty and caring, while being easy-going, and sweet natured, loving to be surprised and surprise others. You’re also a great listener and a big believer in true love. You’re much loved and popular and you are very much one for enjoying the here and now. This comes, of course, from how short-lived the blooms of a peony tend to be. Enjoyment of this delicious flower exists in a very short window of time, making for living in the moment a necessity.

Tulips: Easy to please. You tulip lovers are a positive, laid back bunch! You enjoy the friendship of many, largely because of your consistently cheery and easy-going demeanour. You’re a go-with-the-flow sort, as with the flower itself, who finds her season amid conditions the are unpredictable, if not just darned unpleasant. You’re positivity and adaptability sustains you!  You love family fiercely, adapt to change and are eager to travel and explore new experiences.

Poppies: Creative and vibrant. You precious poppy people are so much fun and you know it! You enjoy a vibrant enthusiasm for life and love to be the centre of attention. Your vim and vigour are contagious drawing people to you. Maybe even a little ADD, you’re also very creative and are eager to start any number of new projects in which to express yourself and exuberant spirit… it’s the finishing that can be the challenge for you!

Gardenia: High maintenance. Sweet and innocent but a little difficult to please, gardenia people can be somewhat demanding and rather thin-skinned. Like the flower, the lovers of this delicate flowers bruise easily – hurt feelings are common. Gardenia lovers enjoy travel and have great fashion sense and style, particular to a certain quality and price point! Always open to experiencing new cultures and experiences, gardenia lovers have a penchant for romance, mystery and fun.

Lilies: Inspiring. Dramatic and bold, the lover of lilies holds her head high and prefers to share her strength to uplift others. The lily, itself, is a dramatic flower that stands strong, blooming steadfastly  in a range of colours and colour combinations, from simply white to vibrant red or orange. People partial to the lily stand tall and proud, just like the waxy flower, imbued with grace, generosity, compassion, caring, and fun.  They are well respected by their peers and are known to take great pride in their work and anything else they undertake.

Orchids: Bring on the high life! This sophisticated and delicate beauty can be quite temperamental. It doesn’t take much to compromise their vibrancy; simply one component in their environment being off can diminish their beauty. Orchid lovers exude sophistication and have a love of the finer things. They can be preoccupied with their appearance and aspire to a certain standard that is one of elegance and refinement. Those who choose orchids have few friends, but those they do have are very close. They are beautiful, of course, but also well-traveled, intelligent, and a little mysterious.

Iris: Creative. If you choose the Iris, chances are you’re something of an optimistic dreamer while being a creative, art-loving sort. Not unlike your poppy and daffodil counterparts, you enjoy a vibrant personality and living life through a filter of imagination, curiosity, and creativity. You thrive on change, are discouraged by routine, and love discovering new places. If you can provide the muse for someone else’s creative work, all the better, thrilling in the act of inspiring another’s artistic expression.

Daffodils: Hard worker. The affable Daff! Regardless your specific floral preference, it’s hard not to love the bright, hardy daffodil. The choice bloom for many artists, daffodil lovers tend to be creative and sensitive but with an impeccable work ethic. Easy-going and artistic, lovers of these bright, spring flowers know what it is to work for a living, but also appreciate achieving a work-life balance as they enjoy their play almost as much as their work!

Violets: Secretive and mysterious.  Still waters run deep, they say, and there’s no better example than the violet and her human counterpart. Deep, velvety colour, there’s a dark, richness to this simple, tiny flower. Simplicity and quiet to the eye, but the inner life runs bold and vibrant within. What appears secretive or mysterious is actually quiet repose; the desire to subtly observe others and enjoy very close relationships with but very few.  Within the small, safe circle of close friends and family members, violet lovers are fiercely loyal, honest, and principled, quietly earning the deep and lasting respect of those around them.




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