Behind the Scenes. Team Profile: Joanne Broadfoot

Honouring our employees!   So grateful for Joanne Broadfoot and her incredible hard work, contributing every day to the growing success of Inspire

A business that relies on solid customer service is really only as good as the team – the loyal, dedicated individuals who embrace the work and the customers as though the business were their own.  This couldn’t be more true than here at Inspire Floral Design!

We are so proud of our hard-working, committed, and enthusiastic team and would like to offer a little background into who these special people are making up the creative force that contributes so much to the success of our business each and every day.

Today, we’re launching our Team Profile series with a beautiful soul who has been with us since the very beginning.  Joanne Broadfoot, or “JoJo” to those close to her, came to inspire with a solid history in retail and thirteen years in floral design.  As our Floral Designer and Sales Associate, it’s such an advantage to have this level of experience and expertise as Joanne can step from designing our beautiful brand of floral arrangements to customer service to developing workshops to providing valuable support to her colleagues, helping to make it a place everyone is happy to be.  This talented woman truly does it all!

It’s not surprising, given her vast experience in customer facing roles that one of her favourite aspects of her work at Inspire, in addition to floral design, is engaging with and serving our valued customers.

A creative spirit at home as well as at work, Joanne is an avid quilter.  This attraction to simple, geometric beauty explains why one of her favourite trends in floral design is the art of Ikebana and creating shapes with flowers and greens.  She also has a particular fondness for certain products carried at Inspire:  American Paint Company Chalk Paint, with which she develops our incredible workshops as well as  our popular jewelry line, Kameleon.

Joanne is diligent about keeping up with trends and techniques to keep her design skills sharp.  Have a photograph of a particular design?  Joanne can make it happen!

Floral design tip from Joanne:   Once home, re-cut the stem(s) of your flowers every four days, when you’re changing the water, and keep them cool and our of direct sunlight to ensure their beauty and longevity.