Bouquets With NO Flowers?! Pinecones: A Beautiful & Unique Alternative!

Bouquets With NO Flowers?! Pinecones: A Beautiful & Unique Alternative!
January 7, 2018 Inspire Floral Boutique
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When we think of bridal bouquets usually the first thing we think of is, of course, flowers.

For most brides and their bridesmaids a classic floral bouquet is an essential, and certainly we are inclined to agree!  It’s our favourite bridal accessory and one we have invested our livelihood in.

However, that said, while flowers and floral arrangements are often incredibly important and a beautiful and integral part of any ceremony, they may not be for everyone and sometimes the cost can be the deciding factor between including them and, well, going without.

Natural elements such as pinecones and berries stand out and make for truly memorable bouquets

One of our recent brides opted for a totally non-traditional approach to her bouquets and we were so excited to work with her to create something incredibly unique and personalized to her and her special day.  We were also so inspired to work with materials that were a little unusual for a wedding bouquet but also completely representative to this wonderful couple and the life they’re building together in the far north.

The humble pine cone, paired with vibrant berries…  and a touch of seal skin!  Check this out:

A wrap that represents where the couple met and will continue to create a life together:

There is nothing quite beats a beautiful floral bridal bouquet, but working with other interesting natural elements can provide such personalization and character, unique to our couples, and we are always excited to add a fantastic twist to a classic wedding staple.



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