January 2018: Inspire Food Bank Drive

January 2018: Inspire Food Bank Drive
December 31, 2017 Inspire Floral Boutique
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Early in December we encouraged donations to a cause very dear to our hearts: local hospice.  We cannot tell you how grateful we are to all of you who participated!
We were also overwhelmed by the way the community stepped up during Invermere Light Up and filled our sleigh to overflowing– valuable and much needed donations in the way of food and cash for the Columbia Valley Food Bank.
Building on that incredible support, for the entire month of January, we at Inspire want to continue those donations going, particularly given that following the holidays our local Food Bank will be almost tapped out but still needing to help feed local families even with the Christmas Season behind us.

Here’s what we’ve got going to help replenish the Columbia Valley Food Bank reserves:
Donate FOOD or FUNDS and SAVE:
1 item = 5% off
2 items = 10% off
3 items = 15% off
4 items = 20% off
5 items = 25% off
$5 = 10% off
$10 = 20% off
The discount will apply to anything and everything our fabulous customers purchase at Inspire!
We really hope this will go a little ways towards re-filling the shelves and coffers of the Food Bank in it’s toughest month.
We want to send you all a hearty THANK YOU to our incredibly generous community for everything you’ve done to help with these important local organizations doing such remarkable and life-changing work.
We also want to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year and all the very best to you and your families.


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